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Well thanks, Photobucket

Photobucket has decided that it doesn't support 3rd party link so my entire journal layout and mood theme was totally borked. Photobucket is a terrible image host, very slow, and now they want to charge a minimum of $60/year to allow 3rd party linking. Tell 'em they're dreamin'!

Anyway how are you guys?


So, who's still around these days?

Hello theidolhands :P

I don't know how many people still read their flists, but I do. I just don't write much (anything) these days. There are a few comms I keep up with.

These days I am studying to be a high school teacher (English and Psychology) and working at a supermarket and a library. Often people give me this weird look when I say I want to teach high school (people usually assume primary) but actually I do not particularly like small children and certainly would not like to be in charge of 25 of them. Teenagers are also way, way funnier. I suppose I could teach kids who were as young as 10 but no younger, and preferably not.

What else is happening... I have a niece and nephew now, Charlotte is 2 and Eddie is...very recent. A few weeks.

I read The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and it was pretty good. I liked that certain things weren't spelled out. I'm here on goodreads if you wanna be friends. Just tell me who you are.

What are you guys up to?


Meme from shaggydogstail

-Comment with "Peace was never an option"
-I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
-Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
-Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (If you want. Totally optional.)

1. Which fictional location would you most like to visit?
I always get so torn here between Hogwarts and Narnia, but I guess if I'm a Muggle then Narnia would be best, since I wouldn't even be able to see Hogwarts. But if I was a witch, then Hogwarts for sure. :P
2. Would you rather travel in time or space?
Assuming I could come back to where I started, I'd love to travel in time!
3. What's your favourite cake?
Chocolate mud cake, om nom nom nom
4. Where are you most ticklish?
Probably my feet. That's the hardest place for me to suppress my reaction.
5. You can transform fandom with one wish. What is it?
I wish fandom in general was more accepting of different viewpoints. Generally it seems to sort of decide on certain things in a hivemind situation, which is expected for a large group of people, but it's the reaction towards ideas that don't fit that I'm talking about. I was talking to Dylan (monsieur_djinn) about this but I have been a H/Hr shipper since like 2000/2001 and sometimes, in some areas of fandom, I was made to feel like that was a horrible shameful thing to be. People felt like they could insult me, call me names, make nasty jokes at my expense (and not just me, all H/Hr shippers) just because I liked H/Hr over R/Hr? And it's like, HELLO? They're FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. I CAN like something even though it's not supported by canon, y'know? HP fandom would have been even better (and don't get me wrong, it was amazing and I loved it then, and I love it now) if more people were like "Oh, you ship _____? Well that's not my jam, but to each their own, bro!"


Ok wow, I haven't updated in ages. Uh, hi. Still alive.

I had a good Christmas and all of that. :) My niece has learned to walk very recently so she was charging around everywhere :P Our house is bigger and more open plan than my brother's so I think she likes all the space to run around in.

In other exciting news, my family is going to NZ tomorrow! We come back on the 22nd/23rd (we fly overnight). So I may be a little "off the grid" as far as social networks are concerned. Probably won't make any difference on LJ but as far as Tumblr and Twitter is concerned I'll be around much less. I'll try and tweet but idk what our internet situation is going to be like or how regular it will be, so. We're going to be driving around the South Island so we're not in one spot for too long.

Also Rachel (bananedaiquiri) and I are seeing War Horse on stage tomorrow at the Arts Centre! That part is MEGA EXCITING. BUT! That will be the last time I see Rachel before she moves to the UK so I probably won't see her for a very long time. That part is MEGA SAD. Tomorrow is probably going to be pretty emotionally draining.
Two customers were unreasonable at work today. Mostly people at my work are actually super nice, so when people are entitled arseholes, it really stands out. I work in a supermarket, by the way. I run the self-checkout area and sometimes serve at the Service Desk when it's busy, selling cigarettes and doing refunds and stuff like that.

The first guy didn't make a fuss or anything, but he told me that it was "very inconsiderate" of us not to have a spittoon for people to spit their cherry pips into. This guy is coming in, eating cherries without paying for them and thinks WE'RE the rude ones for not providing a spittoon for him to spit into. Are you fucking serious. I think it's "very inconsiderate" of him to steal, but there you go.

The second woman. Wow. Just wow. Our self-checkout area has 6 machines, arranged in 2 inward-facing rows of 3. The space between the rows is a little less than I'd like, but that's because the store is only so wide and we only put the machines in in 2010. There's enough room for 3 trolleys abreast but not much more. Anyway this woman brings her trolley down to one of the machines at the end of the row, and had the end of it sticking out perpendicular to the row, taking up the full length of the trolley. The person on the machine opposite her also has a trolley, but they have theirs directly parallel, so they're only taking up the width of one trolley. This effectively blocks off the entire exit from the self-checkout area. No one can get past. I asked if she could please move her trolley to more of a diagonal angle to the machine, just to clear a path to the exit. She replies no I can't, she likes her trolley like this so she can reach everything. I leave it until someone actually needs to leave, and then I ask can I please move your trolley just for a moment to let this person through and then I'll move it back. She huffs and rolls her eyes as I move her trolley in a bit so the other person can get past. I put it back at a less obstructive angle and she moves it so it's blocking off the exit again. Now behind this woman is someone in one of those mobility scooter things for people who aren't up to walking for whatever reason. Scooter lady is finished so I ask trolley woman if I can quickly move her trolley against to let scooter lady past. Trolley woman says no and grabs the trolley. It's actually super busy so it's not like scooter lady could even reverse out of there if she felt inclined. I tell trolley woman "Actually, it's just that there's a woman behind you in a scooter who actually can't get out unless I move your trolley." and, get this. Trolley woman spits out "Well that's not MY problem!"

The fuck.

Fuck this bitch, I move her trolley anyway and let the scooter lady out. No one could have used the machine scooter lady has just finished on unless scooter lady was gone, and there is a massive line. Does trolley woman expect everyone to just wait for her to be done checking out her trolleyfull before they can leave? She expects like a dozen people to just wait for her? What the fuck is wrong with this woman?

Anyway once trolley woman is finished, she comes up to me and says "I don't appreciate having my trolley moved like that. I'm only using the self-checkout because there were lines at all the other registers, but I don't think I'll be using it again." She says this in tones that clearly convey her opinion that everything is mine or the machine's fault. I tell her that it's unexpectedly busy for 1:30 on a weekday, and that we've called in every spare pair of hands to assist on service right now (I can see grocery dpt people on registers from where I am). She says "That's not true - I saw two empty registers on my way down!"

What manner of idiot is this woman. You need PEOPLE to operate those empty registers and ALL THE PEOPLE ARE HERE ALREADY. Also how big is her sense of entitlement? Oh boo-hoo, you might have to wait in line? Guess what? SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE RIGHT NOW. IN FACT, by blocking the exit, you were ACTUALLY MAKING PEOPLE WAIT IN LINE LONGER. Your desire to get served straight away and have your trolley just so isn't more valid or important than everyone else's desire to check out their shopping and have enough space to do so.

Anyway I just repeated "We have all available staff on registers at the moment." and stared back at her until she left. I told my supervisor later and she was like "Wow what a whackjob." and I was like "Well if anyone complains about me moving their trolley, you know it's her." and my supervisor was like "If anyone complained about you anyway I'd be pretty sceptical." so YAY for me. :P

Okay that was like an essay, sorry, but I really needed to have a srs bsns bitch about it.


Incredible Hulk

So, I watched The Incredible Hulk, in the interests of thoroughness in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was all right. I won't be buying it (I've bought all the other ones).

I did really like Edward Norton. But I always like Edward Norton. In fact, he was the only reason I watched Kingdom of Heaven all the way through and sweet Jesus, that is a terrible film. Also we share a birthday :D But the thing about Edward Norton, is that he is always miserable. Not as a person, but as his characters. I mean I am struggling to think of a character I've seen him play that was carefree or cheerful, lol. I don't mean this as a criticism, he's a great actor. But I wonder what The Avengers would have been like with his Bruce Banner because The Avengers had a lighter tone.

I'm allowed to like both Bruces, right?

Anyway on the whole the movie was a bit underwhelming, but I was expecting that because The Hulk is my least favourite. In fact, before Avengers I didn't even like him at all. But I think it was underwhelming because of the story or something. Also it reminded me a bit of King Kong, which was also enjoyable but underwhelming.

ANYWAY I am glad I watched it but I don't think there's much rewatch value in it.


Well I was only rostered on to work 7 hours this week but as of tonight I've done 20! AND I got out of doing stocktake but got to eat some of their party food when it was actually hot, rather than cold, the way it was when they finally finished counting everything. SCORE.

Falling ever, ever harder for Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. The other night (those who follow me on Twitter will know) I was literally close to tears because of my Hiddlefeels. Like, IDEK, tears of joy that he exists and is so delightful. THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION I PROMISE I ALMOST ACTUALLY CRIED.

I keep buying books and not reading them. Self, that is not how you books. :/ I can lay hands on 27 books while lying in bed - that's not even the ones in my bookshelf, they're the ones on my bedside table and the floor.
So I've been thinking I should update for a while, but then I feel like I should fill you guys in on what I've been up to since December, and then they seems like so much WORK that i just don't update at all, and then nothing happens.

Obviously this isn't very effective.

SO HELLO! I am still ~around~ although those who follow me on other platforms will already know I didn't vanish off the face of the earth. Here I am on Tumblr, and here I am on Twitter, in case you didn't already know.

In other news, I am going to see a bunch of stuff! I'm seeing War Horse in Jan with Rachel/bananedaiquiri, and I'm seeing Potted Potter, Disney on Ice and Hanson with a friend from uni. I AM SEEING HANSON IN CONCERT YEAHHHHH! I've never been to a concert that wasn't sit-down before!

Fandomwise, lately I am into Game of Thrones, of course, but I recently saw the Avengers and Captain America (and Iron Man 2) and I was honestly expecting to like Captain America the least (I was expecting to dislike the Hulk) but I ended up loving him the most. STEVE ROGERS YOU ADORABLE THING. Also Steve/Bucky ♥ Also Chris Evans' face ♥ I have loved Not Another Teen Movie since 2004 or whenever it came out so I've known who he was all this time but I never was that attracted to him until I saw him as Captain America, lol. Also Tom Hiddleston ♥ Tom is now part of an exclusive club who I think of as my Elite Public School Gingers - a very specific group indeed. Tom Hiddleston, Prince Harry & Eddie Redmayne from Eton, and Benedict Cumberbatch from Harrow. Damian Lewis is also from Eton but I don't love him like I do the other three. Anyway my point was I honestly think I like Tom Hiddleston more from War Horse than from Thor or The Avengers.


I did tweet but I didn't post here BUT NOW I AM. My brother Dylan and his girlfriend just had a little girl, Charlotte Marilyn. :D Born Dec 11, 1:57pm, 8lbs 5oz. Marilyn was our mother's name so that was a nice thing to do. :)

Here is a picture of Dad holding Charlotte at about 5 hours hold. :D


She looks more like Dylan in the face but she's got fair hair and blue eyes like Polly. Although babies can change so who knows. I got to hold her as well, which was the first time I'd ever held a baby and she was really squirmy and much stronger than I was expecting!

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