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Prydonian Academy - Gallifrey County Dublin IE
Wakari Primary School - Dunedin Otago NZ (1995 - 2001)
Wantirna South Primary School - Melbourne VIC AU (2002)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK (2002 - 2008)
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning - North Salem NY (2003 present)
Wantirna College - Melbourne VIC AU (2003 - 2008)
Australian Catholic University - Melbourne VIC AU (2009 present)
Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork England - Wiltshire UK (2009 present)
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40 line stares, a house in france, angel voices, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, arthur/merlin/morgana, arthur/morgana, bare, bare: a pop opera, bbc sherlock, ben crawley, benedict cumberbatch, bin bons, black books, boys with swords, bradders and morganface, bradley james, bradley morgan, bright young things, british accents, britishness, calvin and hobbes, cats the musical, celtic woman, charles/erik, children of dune, choir boys, chris/cathy, colin morgan, comely irish and shaggable, crettins puddle, daniel radcliffe, danny bhoy, david tennant, declan galbraith, disney, doctor who, dragonheart, dune, edmund pevensie, elijah wood, emrys, evgeni plushenko, ewan mcgregor, flowers in the attic, gaspard ulliel, haley joel osment, hanson, harry potter, hot interhouse mansexing, icons, incest, it's king edmund actually, james mcavoy, james mcpervert, james potter, james/georgie, jared padalecki, jean-baptiste maunier, jedi, jelly tip ice cream, jensen ackles, jethro cane, jk rowling, joseph mcmanners, king arthur, kiwis, laughing, leto ii, leto/ghanima, libera, lord of the rings, love, luke skywalker, making remus lupin cry, making remus lupin smile, mcfassy, merlin, merlin emrys, merlin/arthur, merlinaustralia, michael fassbender, monty python, morgana, morgana le fay, movies, music, narnia, osts, peter pan, peter pevensie, peter/edmund, peter/susan, podbooks, podfic, pride and prejudice, prince arthur, prince william/prince harry, princest, psychology, quidditch, raleigh becket, ralph fiennes/edward norton, ravenclaw, reading, real person fiction, remus lupin, remus/hermione, remus/sirius, sherlock, singing, sirius black, sirius/remus, skandalous, skandar keynes, skandar/anna, skandarwin, slash, soulbros, soundtracks, star wars, steven geraghty, suggestive badminton, superman returns, supernatural, susan pevensie, susan/peter, sweet little irish love-muffins, take me to glasgow, taylor hanson, tenth doctor, the lion king, the marauders, twincest, violet/klaus, weasleycest, will/skandar, will/skandar/anna, william moseley, willmo, writing, x-men: first class, zac hanson, zaylor, ♪ = ♥

Kim. New Zealander. Fangirl. Shipper. Slasher. Currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts at ACU National.

I LOVE... BRADLEY JAMES. James McAvoy. Colin Morgan. Arthur Pendragon. Merlin. merlinaustralia. Benedict Cumberbatch. Michael Fassbender. Harry Potter. Remus Lupin. My iPod, Casper. My room. Singing. Musical Theatre. Getting excited about things with people. Flailing. Boys who are awkwardly in love.
FANDOMS MERLIN. Merlin RPF. X-Men (mainly First Class). Narnia. Narnia RPF. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Game of Thrones. Star Wars.
SHIPS >>MERLIN/ARTHUR. Arthur/Morgana. Arthur/Morgana/Merlin. Arthur/Knights. Merlin/Knights. Arthur/Leon. BRADLEY/COLIN.
>>CHARLES/ERIK. Michael/James (MCFASSY).
>>Peter/Edmund. Peter/Susan. Will/Skandar. Will/Anna. Will/Skandar/Anna. James/Georgie.
>>Remus/Sirius. Harry/Hermione. Remus/Hermione. Remus/Harry. Harry/Draco. Remus/James. Sirius/James. Remus/Sirius/James. Harry/Ron/Hermione.
>>Sherlock/John. Sherlock/Jim. Sherlock/Mycroft.
>>Jaime/Cersei. Jon/Arya. Jon/Sansa.
MUSIC Bare: A Pop Opera. Libera. Adele. Josh Groban. Celtic Woman. Hayley Westenra. Aled Jones. Hans Zimmer. Charice. Glee Cast. Hanson.
FRIENDING POLICY Selectively adding. Feel free to friend me though, no need to ask first. My journal is mostly public anyway.
DEFRIENDING POLICY Defriend me at any time, no explanation needed. (Appreciated if we were close, but not NEEDED.) I don't announce any defriending I do publicly.
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I love old crypts! I wouldn't be seen dead anywhere else.
-- Merlin, 1x09 Excalibur

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